European situation

The previous project "It's time - high level qualifications for European training personnel" has highlighted that an interest and a demand for improved and innovative qualification programmes for VET personnel exists across Europe. The qualification market in this field remains highly fragmented. In many countries, there are no or few training offers that go beyond a basic training in instruction methods, often higher level qualifications are only offered at university level. The it's time project has proven that the need for better quality in the training of VET personnel exists and that new offers receive positive reactions. 

Qualification needs exist in the area of pedagogical competencies, increased competencies in career and further training advise, abilities to assess training needs in individuals and the company, contribute to personnel development  and intercultural competencies. The qualification programme European Workplace Tutor (comparable to the German Aus- und Weiterbildungspädagoge) responds to this need by developing and strengthening abilities in this area.
An analysis of European qualifications für VET personnel has shown following results:

qulification compareable
to the workplace tutor

description and qualification level

pedagogue for IVET and CVET
(Aus- und Weiterbildungspädagoge)

  • qualification at EQF level 6
  • professional experience with didactic/pedagogical knowledge
  • trainings offered in companies for own staff (company-specific qulifications)
  • also university-based programmes are offered in the area of Vocational/Professional Pedagics, Education Management, Education Science etc.
Hungary practice trainer
  • qualification at the ISCED level 5B or a
  • vocational trainer with a qualification at the maximum level of ISCED 4C being received outside the school system.
  • non-pedagogical positions to assist teaching and educational work with a qualification level of ISCED 4C

coach or

in-company trainer

  • qualification at ISCED level 5A
  • 3 years of experience in training needed
  • on the other hand there are in-company trainers responsible for the professional development of the employees also with a ISCED level 5A or 6
  • qualifications are offered outside the school system
  • usual HR managers or managers with a qualification level at ISCED 5A or 6 (EQF 6,7,8) undertake the role of tutoring
  • No position similar to the learning process guide

in-company instructor/trainer

workplace/practical work experience tutor

  • qualification at EQF level 5
  • professional experience in the instructing field
  • additional advanced technical training vor CVET instructors can be gained outside the school system
  • no profession similar to the learning process guide
 Netherlands  manager
  • manager takes the role of a workplace tutor
  • non-formal courses for managers at the Dutch MBO level (EQF level 3 or 4)
  • non-formal train the trainer courses on a higher education level to become a trainer or consultant (EQF level 6)
  • "Opleidingskunde" on university level with a Bachelor degree takes about 4 years
Finland workplace instructors/trainers
  • no formal acknowledgement for tutoring IVET or CVET students at the workplace
  • generally experienced foremen and skilled workers with no pedagogical skills (EQF level 5)
  • option of a Vocational Teacher Education Programme (Polytechnic dergree on EQF level 6)
  • workplace tutors can enroll in the Workplace Instructor Training Programme wich is performed outside the school system
  • option to study for the Specialist in Competence-Based Qualifications at University
Portugal tutors
  • must have 3 years of recorded working experience and a pedagogic training qualification (EQF level 5)
  • no special qualification for workplace tutors in the Portuguese Qualification System