The Project "European Workplace Tutor" - Aims and objectives

Development of the qualification profile "European Workplace Tutor"
We developed two European qualification profiles outlining the necessary competences for the roles of "European Workplace Tutors" and "Learning Process Guide"

Transfer of the European qualification model "European Workplace Tutor"
The project transfered the training programme of the European Workplace Tutor and the Learning Process Guide to the new partner countries Romania, Hungary and Spain. In order to achieve sustainability, we also worked towards the establishment of recognised qualification profiles in the participating countries. This long-term goal continues to be followed up in the framework of the "European Workplace Tutor Network"

Development of the qualification profile "Learning Process Guidance"
A self-contained sub-profile of "Learning Process Guide" which is sub-divided into learning outcomes units and assigned with credit weightings (ECVET) was developed. The credit weighting is intended to show possibilities of assigning learning outcomes profiles with credit systems, in this case ECVET.

Piloting of the qualification module "Learning Process Guidance
One element of the transfer is the self-contained qualification module of "learning process guidance" (which is part of the module structure of the European Workplace tutor) that was tested in all partner countries (except Austria) in form of pilots on basis of a blended-learning system. For more information see navigation menue Transfer (piloting)

Development of a certification model
An exemplary certification model was developed within the project. It takes into account the existing national qualifications and highlights pathways of validating and accrediting relevant previous qualifications /qualification elements and / or comeptencies resulting from informal and non-formal learning towards the European certificate of Workplace Tutor / Learning Process Guide.